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We’re a team of seasoned professional communicators who have made careers out of helping companies                                                what they do to those who matter to their success.

clearly communicate

Wondering what this has to do with applying for college? A lot, actually!

Your student is up against the                                   as those companies – clearly communicating what they’ve done to an audience that matters to their success. And just like those companies, your student needs to                             in a fiercely competitive crowd. That's where we come in.


same challenge

stand out


Stef Tschida, our founder, has built a team of essay coaches with decades of communications expertise who are passionate about applying our expertise to your student's admission essays.

When we're not coaching students, we work for
Tschida Communications, where we help companies communicate with those who matter to their success, so they can grow and do more good in the world.


Alison Rosengren has been the lead essay coach on our team for the past year. She studied Creative Nonfiction Writing at Northwestern University, then worked as an English teacher in Spain before joining the MN College Essay Coach team. Alison is an enthusiastic coach and a thoughtful editor. She values getting to know each of her students and helping them feel comfortable in the writing process. When she’s not working, Alison is probably playing soccer or writing her own nonfiction. 


Hear from students + parents about what it's like to work with us!

Thanks so much for the help your team provided. This process enabled my daughter to not only write an amazing essay, but it was an experience in self-exploration and she truly learned more about herself throughout the process. And the great news is that she got into her dream college!

Linda Correa Bates

Parent of High School Student

Class of 2024

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