Meet our

We’re a team of seasoned professional communicators who have made careers out of helping companies                                                what they do to those who matter to their success.

We've helped                                                     tell their stories well, including:

clearly communicate

companies of all sizes

CEOs of Fortune 5 companies who need to align their employees with their companies mission, vision and values

Leaders of game-changing startups who need to sell their value and let their potential clients know they exist

Small business owners and non-profit organizations who are impacting the world in big ways

Wondering what this has to do with applying for college? A lot, actually!

Your student is up against the                                   as those companies – clearly communicating what they’ve done to an audience that matters to their success. And just like those companies, your student needs to                             in a fiercely competitive crowd. That's where we come in.


same challenge

stand out

Stef Tschida, our Founder and CEO, has built a team of essay coaches with decades of communications expertise who are passionate about applying our expertise to your student's admission essays.

When we're not coaching students, we work for
Tschida Communications, where we help small companies, non-profits and entrepreneurs communicate effectively, so they can grow and do more good in the world.

At the end of the day, we believe  the same communication principles CEOs use to lead global companies can help students stand out from their peers in the college admissions process.

We like to remind our students (and their parents!) that the stress of college applications is a privileged problem to have – and that we're going to make the process as fun as possible while doing great work!