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Help your student get into their




With ACT and SAT scores still optional,
college application essays carry more weight than ever.


We help students convey their accomplishments and personality through their essays, enabling them to                       from the crowd in this fiercely competitive process.

stand out


Give your student access to professional communicators who'll help position them in a way that few other students can! 

We know what admissions counselors want to read – and what they don't.

We know how to tell a great story based on what makes your student unique.

We're professional copyeditors who make essay gramatically correct and typo free.


but wait!

This is about more than college applications. 

It's about life skills. As your student enters adulthood, they'll need to know how to tell their story– this process will teach them how.

It's about reducing stress. We'll guide your student and hold them accountable, freeing you up to enjoy your time with them while they're still at home.

It's about giving others a chance. Your business enables us to donate our services to college applicants who wouldn't otherwise be able to afford them. Thank you for helping us work toward a world where every high school student has a chance to go to college.

Don't wish you would have done more to help your student get into their dream college. Give them the expert support they need to apply to college with 



Hear from students + parents about what it's like to work with us!

MN College Essay Coach was the key to my twin daughters’ acceptance into several colleges that they otherwise may not have been able to get into. Not only was her essay coaching integral in helping them get into the colleges of their choice, but it was also extremely helpful in healing from trauma both have experienced.


They had such a positive experience with Stef guiding them through the process and keeping them on track to hit deadlines. They wouldn’t be where they are today without that coaching.”

Stacey Dove​

Mother of two high school students,
Class of 2022

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