Give your student the guidance and support they need to

in the college application process


It isn’t easy for your student to clearly convey who they are and what they've worked                  to achieve throughout high school. The grades. The extracurriculars. The community involvement.

And the college admissions and scholarship process is fiercely competitive. Your student only gets                         to connect with the admissions committees at their desired schools.

one chance

so hard

Ready for some                 news?


Your student can truly stand out from the crowd through their admissions essays. Carefully crafted key messages and a synthesized storyline will help them capture the hearts and minds of college admissions counselors.

What if your student had access to professional communicators who could help position them in a way that few other students could?

That's what you get with us!

We're expert communicators who have 2+ decades of experience helping global companies communicate with the people who matter most to their success - and we apply these same principles to your student's essays.


We know what admissions counselors want to read – and what they don't.

Our founder is a certified College Access Counselor who has insight into the minds of college admissions officers and knows how to help your student stand out.

We know how to tell a great story based on what makes your student unique.

 We flip traditional essay coaching on its head. Rather than starting with essay prompts, your student's "key messages" determine the questions we answer and how we respond.

We're professional copyeditors with an eye for the stuff that matters.

 We'll make sure your student's essays are grammatically correct and typo free – because those little errors add up fast and detract from even the most profound essay.


But wait!

What if we told you this is about          than your student's college application?

It's about life skills. As your student enters adulthood, they'll need to position themselves in the best light possible in many situations – this process will teach them how.

It's about reducing stress. Parent-child conflict is one of the primary reasons people seek our help. We'll guide your student and hold them accountable, freeing you up to enjoy your time with them while they're still at home.

It's about giving others a chance. Your business enables us to donate our services to five low-income, first-generation college applicants who wouldn't otherwise be able to afford them. Thank you for helping us work toward a world where every high school student has a chance to go to college.


Help your student go after their college dreams with confidence – because every family deserves to know they put their                                in their student’s college applications. 

best foot forward



We know every family is different, so we offer flexible programs that meet your unique needs.

1:1 Coaching

Dedicated coaching from a professional communicator

Key messages you can apply to any prompt

Professional editing to finalize your essays



Small group coaching with other high school students

Key messages you can apply to any prompt

Structured activities and feedback



Self-paced learning modules for flexible learning

Key messages you can apply to any prompt

Access to a library of tools & resources


*Our Essay Bootcamp program is only offered during certain times of the year, as indicated on the Essay Bootcamp page.


Hear from students + parents about what it's like to work with us!

MN College Essay Coach showed me how to develop key messages about myself and continually reinforce them, ensuring the scholarship committee understood what makes me unique.


I went into the interview feeling confident because no matter what I was asked, I knew I could relate it back to one of my key points.







Sam Rose

Champlin Park High School Student
Recipient of selected university’s Presidential Scholarship and College of Science and Engineering Freshman Scholarship

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